Welcome to [DATA EXPUNGED]

A Cinematic RPG set within the SCP Universe.

First Day Huh?

"I can tell. You have that weird, wide-eyed look about you. Don't worry... just grab some coffee, focus on staying calm, and we'll take it from the top."

[DATA EXPUNGED] is an in development, cinematic, pen-and-paper RPG that aims to bring the rich lore of the SCP Foundation to the table. Actively developed by a team of friends, and published in agreement with The Ethics Committee Partnership.

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Notable Features

Cinematic & Streamlined.

[DATA EXPUNGED]'s core system is based off, and builds upon, openly licensed mechanics found within various popular pen-and-paper RPGs and sourcebooks. Ensuring that the game's mechanics are both open, streamlined, and structrually sound all for an enjoyable roleplaying expierence.

For Fans. By Fans.

[DATA EXPUNGED] as an RPG wouldn't be anywhere if it wasn't for the openly licensed mechanics and universe. This is why we are committed to ensuring that fan made content not only thrives, but is fully supported. This is why the the source files for all the artwork, character sheets, and more are bundled with the game itself as to ensure access for fan based modifications.

For further information on how the licensing works, do refer to the legal notices and licenses included within the [DATA EXPUNGED] QuickStart Guide.

Melencholy Ventures.

Thomas Lee, a sixty-three year old newspaper columnist, has been reported missing in his hometown of Gerretin West Virginia. The Foundation's records, while incomplete, indicate that he was amnestized by the Unusual Incident Unit at some point during the Cold War. Given the unreliability of the UIU's equipment, and questionable methods, a decision was made to send out fresh operatives to investigate this 'low risk' case. Will these operatives piece together the incomplete information, follow the clues left behind, and save Thomas Lee from these... Melancholy Ventures?

An introduction scenario for both new, and longtime fans, of the SCP Universe. Filled with artwork and able to be completed in one sitting. (3-4 Hours)

An Original & Creative Commons Blend.

[DATA EXPUNGED] comes bundled with original music to help immerse players and set the mood. The entire soundrack consists a blend of original and custom made songs, all openly licesned under Creative Commons.

Our Story
It started with that one spark of madness.

A single idea that the SCP Foundation's universe could be adapted to a pen-and-paper roleplaying game. Two groups, Anomalous Designs & Elsewhere Media LTD, thought alike and began expanding upon this idea. Making prototypes, scenarios, and playtesting games over Quarantine. After a chance encounter, various conversations online, and a clear shared passion for the SCP Foundation as a whole... both groups decided to form an agrement and combine forces. Forming The Ethics Committee Partnership

Almost a full year has passed since that day and much has already been completed. A unified ruleset, tons of custom artwork, and even a fully fleshed out starter scenario has been playtested multiple times. While there is still a long road to go, we believe that as a community we will make the best game possible. To those there from the very begining, you have our undying gradatute, and to all the newcomers... Welcome to [DATA EXPUNGED] -- Noah C. Cline & Sam Swicegood

Meet The Team

Meet the development team behind [DATA EXPUNGED]!

Noah C. Cline


A longtime fan of the SCP Foundation, tabletop gaming enthusiast, and founder of Anomalous Designs. Noah's drive is to ensure that the game becomes the best it can be and looks forward to all community created content.

Sam Swicegood


Staff member of the SCP Wiki, video game developer, and Creative Commons certified. Sam cofounded the Ethics Committee Partnership to bring his experience of game development, legal knowledge, and writing experience to the table. When he is not working on the game he can be found spending time developing VR titles as the founder of GIB Games.

Theresa Donhauser

Art Director

Using her experience in multiple fields of artistic and creative entertainment, such as novel illustrations, character design, and photography; Her job consists of bring the various concepts and written ideas to life with proper and detailed illustrations. While originally commissioned during the early stage of development, she quickly showed her resolve and insight into the artistic design process and became a key integrated member of the team.

Eiran F Keating


Eiran is a young freelance writer who first joined the team after reaching out with interest in assisting development. Within a short span of time he got to work on both the QuickStart Guide & Melancholy Ventures, enhancing the text with his own ideas and fixing any issues discovered. Outside of work and on his free time he rather enjoys spending time programming and reading.

Thomas Ogas


Ageless GM, actual attorney, with degree in creative writing and theater. Here to write and push the team into darker directions. Collaborative storytelling and mystery-investigation are his primary interests when he's not busy putting together a new Actual Play Podcast and telling his own dark tales.

Ned Greenough

Musical Director

Ned Greenough is a musician, producer, and audio engineer. He was asked to join the team after creating an SCP-themed concept album for FAWM 2021 that caught the team's attention. He now works on the music for the game, tailoring specifically around the SCP universe and the sounds that coincide.

Matthew Hearne


Once found wandering the void between short story writing and fanfiction, with a life-long love of all things unexplained and anomalous, he helps the team bring characters and stories to life. Writing realistic dialogue, using his experience with horror to sharpen focus and deepen immersion, he brings his unique perspective and impish enthusiasm for writing and all things horror to the table. Left to his own devices he may often be found writing, creating ghoulish home-brew campaign settings, creating any and every type of art that catches his attention, and vociferously consuming any and all fantasy/sci-fi/horror media he can get his hands on.

Keith Baker


Due to an unknown anomalous phenomenon the description text for this member is unavailable at the current moment... please stand by for the time being.

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